Almeria ended Barcelona's 13-round unbeaten run with 1-0

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Almeria ended Barcelona's 13-round unbeaten run with 1-0

In the 23rd round of La Liga, Barcelona went away to face Almeria. Toure scored the only goal of the match, and Barcelona had 70% of possession but only one shot on goal. After the match, Almeria defeated Barcelona 1-0, ending their opponent's 13-round unbeaten streak in the league, and Xavi's team still leads the table with 7 points.Barcelona Lewandowski jersey

Barcelona led La Liga before this game, 7 points ahead of Real Madrid. In the UEFA Cup playoff, Barcelona just lost 1-2 to Manchester United and suffered relegation. However, in La Liga, Barcelona is unbeaten in 13 matches. Their last loss to Real Madrid was last October.

This game saw the comeback of Garvey, working with Lewandowski and Torres in the front line. Unfortunately, they kept concentrating their firepower on attack after the opening match, and as a result, in the 24th minute, the defense exposed an empty space, and Colombian international Lurs Suarez crossed an overhead ball on the right side, giving teammate Toure a semi-single chance, and as a result, he managed to shoot hard through the net to take the unexpected lead.Club jersey 2023

In the second half, Barcelona continued to put pressure on Almeria, but the counterattack was ineffective, and the shots of Garvey and Torres were all unsuccessful.

Although Barcelona did not have to lose again, they were never able to turn the tide of defeat, and in the end, the match ended with Barcelona defeating Almeria 0-1. However, because the second-placed Real Madrid also lost points in the Madrid derby the day before, only playing and 1:1, so Barcelona still has a 7-point lead in the league table.