Top 5 Logo Embroidery Companies in Atlanta, GA

This article will go through the perks and value of custom logo embroidery for your brand with well-known embroidery companies in Atlanta, GA.

Embroidery may be the finest choice if you want to add a level of perfection and expertise to your business. Adding your company's logo to shirts or other promotional items may be a terrific way to increase the appearance of your business.


The professional appearance of logo embroidery makes it an excellent substitute for screen printing. When utilized on various products and materials, embroidery draws attention to your company and helps your brand stand out. Here are a few logo embroidery companies in Atlanta, GA, to consider while creating your company's brand and identity.




Whether you're a newbie to embroidery or a seasoned customer, ApparelnBags can assist you. They offer a lifetime warranty on all their embroidered designs at affordable prices.


The company's experienced staff has access to the most modern embroidery equipment. Thus, resulting in some of the most expertly crafted custom embroidered patterns that you won't find elsewhere. Your items will last much longer than expected because of the substantial number of excellent stitches. They ensure that you may proudly wear your clothes.


ApparelnBags has won among embroidery companies in Atlanta, GA, thanks to its focus on quality and general dedication to client service. Give them a call to learn more about their embroidery procedure and costs.


Location: 3030 N Rocky Point Dr. STE 150, Tampa, FL, US 33607.


Contact: 813-344.0919



Instant Imprints Smyrna

When advancing your brand, Instant Imprints Smyrna has what it takes, whether you're searching for branded or logo-embroidered merchandise. It has the power to make your concept or brand vision a reality. Instead of offering broadly applicable services, their strategy generates efforts particular to your company and audience.


The business seeks to recognize your marketing objectives to provide you with an unmatched degree of local service. Here, their designers have the know-how to assist you in choosing the ideal custom embroidered logo for your company and helping you construct it.


Instant Imprints Smyrna doesn't concentrate on fanciful promises. Instead, they emphasize their dedication to fulfilling all requirements for the customer service procedure. Thus, resulting in the experience that will keep you returning.


Location: 3150 Highlands Pkwy SE #106, Smyrna, GA 30082, United States


Contact: +1 678-424-1420



Shirt Shanty

For every occasion, Shirt Shanty can assist you in creating the ideal custom shirt embroidery item. The staff has more than 40 years of experience serving the metro Atlanta area. They have what it takes to get you outfitted with what you require. They utilize specialized software and machine-powered needles to give your designs a polished, professional appearance.


Your personalized logo is swiftly applied to polo shirts, caps, backpacks, and jackets using a nearly automated process. The process of getting embroidery services involves putting your selected item within a hoop. Your design is stitched using a distinct thread for each color. Hence, this results in a completed thing that is both high-quality and long-lasting.


You are welcome to use Shirt Shanty's assistance throughout the embroidery design process. You may rely on them to assist you in picking the ideal look to highlight your perfect design.


Location: 2373 Ventura Rd. SE Smyrna, GA 30080


Contact: +1 770-433-8834



Amigo Embroidery


Amigo Embroidery is passionate about giving you the best possible professional embroidery for your polos, t-shirts, caps, and other items. They know that your embroidered goods' caliber contributes to the perception of your company. That is something they take seriously.

The firm has brand-new, cutting-edge embroidery machinery that creates excellent picture replication. Your logo is expertly embroidered with high-quality thread. As a result, your printed and embroidered logos will have sharper, cleaner edges. Moreover, the published material won't fade, peel, or break. They'll assist you in selecting the goods that best meet your requirements and financial constraints.

Amigo Embroidery takes great pleasure in its customer service. Thus, you can focus on your company or project. They have your back.


Location: 2695 Pine Grove Road Suite 302 Cumming, GA 30041


Contact: +1 404-216-5740



Zeus' Closet


Zeus' Closet is a high-end embroidery service that makes items embroidered with the artwork. Thus, you can express yourself in the world in a particular way. Each piece of clothing is a unique work of art created just for you.

The firm has a sizable online catalog to get you going. Their designers provide embroidery on various products, such as shirts, jackets, aprons, caps, towels, golf bags, totes, and more. Before processing orders, they provide each new client a stitch out of their logo for review. This is done to make sure the logo colors are ideal. So the customer should be happy with the caliber of work completed.


Zeus' Closet is your successful partner whether you want custom logo embroidery goods for your company or an event. It combines expert embroidery services, sole inventiveness, and genuine customer service.


Location: 1339 Marietta Blvd Suite C Atlanta, GA 30318


Contact: +1 866-987-9387




Using logo apparel is a fantastic method to promote your company and gain awareness without saying a word. The embroidery of a logo appears tidy, clean, and professional. So, to advertise your business, seek the advice of a skilled embroiderer from our guide.