Car battery types in India: the most common types and sizes

If not the most important, the car battery is an indispensable part of your car.

With proper inspection, you can protect your car battery from premature corrosion and damage.If there is any problem with your battery, please consider replacing it quickly.Before you switch to the brand new one, did you know that there are various car battery types in India?Yes, one size doesn't fit everyone. Regardless of the size difference, car battery types are essential to your vehicle.This is a guide to the most common battery types in India.

Description of vehicle battery types
Buying car batteries can become tricky because drivers are overwhelmed by countless brands, types and features.Therefore, we aim to simplify the process by listing the functions that car battery types seem to provide for the vehicle.You can find various types and sizes of car batteries in India, which can sometimes confuse you. Therefore, our goal is to solve for you.According to your requirements, you can continue to choose what is suitable for your use.

Lead Acid Battery
Also known as "wet battery", it is mainly used in automobiles around the world. This is one of the most affordable and useful varieties.Lead acid automotive batteries are designed to provide long service life. According to the process of making batteries, it can last for more than 3 to 5 years.These car batteries require minimal maintenance. The batteries work in short bursts to deliver power to the starter motor.

Lithium-ion Battery
It is mainly used in electric and hybrid vehicles with high energy density.These batteries also have high power to weight ratio, low self discharge, optimal high temperature performance and high energy efficiency.Lithium ion batteries are expensive and will soon overheat.However, it lasts longer, up to five to five years.

SLI Battery (Start, Lighting and Ignition)
As the name implies, SLI batteries are used to start internal combustion engines. It discharges briefly at a higher current.These batteries provide instant power boost while maintaining sufficient power.It supplies power to all electronic components of the car, including interior and exterior lights, information and entertainment systems, etc.The only disadvantage of SL batteries is the short charging cycle. Charging requires a lot of time, and it also requires rapid discharge.The battery can run for several years without any inconvenience.

Deep Cycle Battery
Deep cycle batteries are made of thicker panels and denser active materials, which can withstand repeated charging and discharging cycles.These batteries do not provide a high power burst in a short time, but are designed to provide continuous power at a low current for a long time.Deep cycle batteries are somewhat steep due to their high discharge rate. However, these batteries have a long shelf life, which can be as long as six to seven years if properly maintained.

VRLA Battery
Valve regulated lead-acid battery or valve regulated lead-acid battery is sealed and not ventilated. It is small in size and easy to store.Because these batteries are sealed, they do not release hydrogen, so they are considered the safest batteries. The only problem with VRLA batteries is that they are sealed and cannot be used.There are two types of VRLA automobile batteries: AGM battery and gel battery.AGM battery - absorption glass mat battery (AGM) is designed with electrolyte fixed in the glass mat.It aims to support the high energy demand of modern vehicles. AGM battery works better than immersion battery and gel battery.It is 5 times faster than the ordinary car battery charging speed and 3 times longer cycle life. AGM batteries are suitable for vehicles with automatic start stop application and brake energy recovery.The only disadvantage of AGM battery is high cost.Gel battery - gel battery contains a "gel" electrolyte, which is considered hard. It is famous for its strong resistance to high temperature, physical impact, electrolyte evaporation and overflow.Gel battery has anti vibration and anti impact properties, and its cycle life is prolonged.

Nickel Metal Hydride Battery
Nickel metal battery is a little-known but most commonly used battery for hybrid vehicles. Its life cycle is longer than lead-acid or lithium-ion vehicle batteries.It also has a high self discharge rate, generates high heat at high temperatures, and is very expensive.This makes them suitable for hybrid vehicles, but not effective enough for rechargeable electric vehicles.

Silver Calcium Battery
The silver calcium battery is designed as an improvement on the wet battery technology.It is a lead-acid battery with electrolyte solution, but uses lead calcium silver plate instead of lead antimony plate.These batteries are famous for their strong corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. Provide them with longer service life to adapt to hotter climate.It is also sealed and requires minimal maintenance.The only disadvantage of the silver calcium battery is the need for a high charging voltage and rapid sulfuric acid degradation.