DIY Steps for Apple Design Tote Bag

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If it's a teacher gift, all you need to do is add some fun embellishments

To get started, you'll need fabric custom cooler bags wholesalers paint to add to your bag. This will allow you to wash it if it gets dirty or soiled. If you don't plan to wash the tote, you can use regular acrylic paint and use the hand-washing method of tool bags wholesalers he bag. If you can't find a paint color among your top picks, you can use a fabric medium to turn your acrylic paint into a fabric paint. To use fabric medium all you need to do is mix 1 part fabric medium golf pouch bag wholesalers with 2 parts acrylic paint.

To create an Apple travel packing cubes wholesalers template, you can use one of three methods. The first way is to look up images of apples online. Scale rolltop backpacks wholesalers up to fit your tote before printing. After changing the scale, just print it out and cut it. Put a piece of paper or cardboard inside the tote. This will help prevent any paint from seeping through to the other side. Place insulated picnic basket foldable he paper template on top of the tote. You can track templates, or keep them.

Dip your Dauber into one of your red paints. Start adding dots on wholesale waterproof duffel bags the outside of the apple. Walk around your apple design until you have added red dots all over it. Let the paint dry. After wholesale sling backpack the paint dries, it's time to add some customization! To customize this tote bag with your favorite teacher's name, start by custom travel bags wholesalers outlining the name in the center of the apple with a pencil. After you've outlined the name with a pencil, erase it with a black fabric marker. To add extra detail to my name, I added thicker lines to the upward strokes custom lunch bags for a more script-like effect.

That's it! If it's a teacher cosmetic bags bulk gift, all you need to do is add some fun little items to show your appreciation for the teacher. A gift card is always a nice touch, or maybe a custom coffee mug. I just love that this tote can be used not only as a gift bag but also to حقائب ظهر مخصصة carry groceries, books to school or as an overnight bag. The possibilities are endless!